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The Operator’s Den – Roynat Capital/Scotiabank’s Technology & Innovation Banking team invite top Operators in the Canadian tech ecosystem to an informal discussion focused on sharing insights and best practises of a start-up Operator running Finance and Operations in fast growing tech companies. Our conversations explore a variety of topics ranging from budgeting, scaling a finance & operations team, fundraising, to KPI metrics, and more.

What is an Operator?

An Operator is an individual who operates the day to day of a company. Typically we define Operators as individuals that work in the company’s finance, strategy and business operations. From time to time, investors, product managers and sales and marketing also join the conversation.

Episode Summary

With special guest Shonezi Noor, COO of Sampler, our tech team chats with Noor along with other top Operators to share insights and tips on developing an effective budget for fast-growing tech companies.