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Asset acquisition 

Investing in assets to get ahead

If you have ongoing capital requirements and need high leverage financing, we might be able to help. 

Is it time to invest in fixed assets, like equipment or real estate, to fuel your business' next stage of growth? Perhaps you need to modernize your operation? Or buy something less tangible, like a trademark? Whatever your strategy, it is possible to make sizeable asset acquisitions without tapping all of your company's resources.

Asset acquisition client stories

Roynat structured financing that required the owners and the firm to contribute less than 10% the total cost of land, construction and leasehold improvements.

Client story, Asset acquisition

Minimize down payment to preserve working capital. Static payments through changing borrowing levels.

Client story, Asset acquisition

Leverage intangible assets for financing. Flexible payment terms, with no tangible collateral.

Client story, Asset acquisition

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Let us help you see how acquiring assets today can work for your tomorrow. 

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