Tailored solutions

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At Roynat Capital, we know that every financing scenario is unique, and is best served with a tailored financing solution. At every step in your business' growth cycle, we can customize financing to meet your specific needs, drawing from our spectrum of financial products. We deliver a full suite of capital solutions ranging from senior term, subordinated & mezzanine lending, to being an equity investor & partner with our clients. 

Asset secured senior term debt 

Asset-based loans can help companies with notable fixed assets access liquidity. Terms are flexible, tailored to your needs.

  • Typical applications: Asset purchases, a component of financing acquisitions or expansions and succession plans, or refinancing or balance sheet recapitalizations

Cash flow senior term debt 

Cash-flow loans rely on a company’s historical cash flows for future requirements.

  • Typical applications: working capital loans, which can be used to finance growth, such as investing in sales people, product development, or cash shortfalls due to unexpected challenges related to the rapid growth of company sales, or otherwise.


Subordinated and mezzanine debt 

We draw upon a full spectrum of financial solutions to create a customized structure that will meet your company’s unique needs.  Unsecured debt that may not have tangible collateral security.

  • Typical applications: Management buyouts, mergers & acquisitions, Growth & expansion programs, Succession plans, Financing capital requirements where little tangible security is available.


Capital is deployed based on the growth prospects of the business rather than the availability of security or the adequacy of cash flow.

  • Typical Applications: Succession Plans, Mergers and Acquisitions, Management and Leveraged Buyouts, Partner Buyouts, Industry Consolidations, Growth and Expansion Capital, Investor/Founder Secondary, Dividend Recapitalization. In fully levered transactions, equity can be used to round out cash requirements.