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  • Leverage the value of the company
  • Multiple financing solutions for maximum flexibility
  • Transacts in the USA for international growth

Client scenario

As the owners of an industrial maintenance company grew older they began to plan their retirement. It was evident that key members of their management team would be able to see their company into the future but the owners were not quite ready to step down. So, as their father had done for them, they chose to undertake a progressive turnover of the company, which would minimize impact on operations.

How Roynat Capital helped

Roynat provided partially secured financing, leveraging the value of the company, to enable key managers to buy in to the company. The partial buy-out enabled the owners to convert some of their equity in the business into personal liquidity, with their remaining shares being purchased out of company profits over time. These gradual steps enabled a well-planned exit that would ensure the company's financial and leadership stability going forward.