Other Programs & Structures

Roynat provides or participates in a number of other specialized products and structures.

Franchise Programs:

Roynat partners with Scotiabank, our parent company, to work with successful and established franchisors to develop full service financing and banking programs to meet the needs of their franchisees. Total solutions offered include working capital financing, cash management products, and employee banking packages, with Roynat providing the term financing for real estate, equipment and goodwill.

Senior Cash Flow Loans:

Sometimes referred to as Enterprise Loans, these are senior term loans that rely on the stability and adequacy of cash flow from the business to service the debt. While the security is in first position, loan amounts are not tied to available collateral. These loans are frequently used in acquisitions, expansions, recapitalizations and buyouts, and are typically available to companies with higher levels of earnings.

Uni-tranche Facilities:

These loan structures are a combination of senior term debt, and subordinated debt. Uni-tranche facilities are often used in financings in the United States and were created to simplify loan structures and expedite the financing process. They are frequently used as a component of financing acquisitions and buyouts.

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