Facilitating share transitions

Relevant for your business if:

  • You want to buyout owners/investors

  • You want to acquire another company

  • Are you considering a merger or acquisition? A buyout of your partners or investors? Or is the time right to take the reins, and buy the company you currently run? It is possible to transition ownership, even when you lack tangible collateral.

    Management Buyout 

    Case Study
    • Structure tailored to cash flow
    • Finance transitions without tangible collateral

    Learn more, Management Buyout 
    Acquire Another Company 

    Case Study
    • Multiple financing for maximum flexibility
    • Lay the groundwork for future growth

    Learn more, Acquire Another Company 
    Partner/Investor Buyout 

    Case Study
    • Leverage growth plans for capital now
    • Preserve working capital with flexible payment terms

    Learn more, Partner/Investor Buyout 
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